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12 June, 1999 3.35pm pdt
Gates Claims New Be Logo Violates Microsoft Trademark
Be Logo

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Speaking at a press conference today, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates lashed out against Be, Inc. claiming their new logo (pictured above) violates a trademark held by his company. Gates called for an immediate removal of the logo from the Be site and from any other websites displaying what he called "what is rightfully ours".

According to Gates, a trademark application currently being reviewed by the United States Trademark Office states, in part:

"...we do officially register, for purposes of brand identification, the use of images of media content delivery systems that transmit or otherwise direct audio, video, still images or any other media type past, present and future, from THE PRODUCT [Windows] to the brainpan of the consumer, or any stylizations thereof."
"In other words, we're working towards owning your eyes and ears in a literal as well as a figurative sense when it comes to media delivery," explained Gates.

Gates cited a Be press release which states "the Be icon recognizes the major impact that BeOS will have on your aural and visual senses"

"As you can see, they admit to the blatant theft of our soon-to-be registered trademarks," Gates proclaimed.

Be, Inc. CEO Jean-Louis Gassée, speaking from PC Expo in New York, vehemently denied the validity of Microsoft's attempts to claim all possible images of human body parts as proprietary logos. Eyewitnesses add that he banged a body part on the table to make the point, but that it was not one of the ones included in the new Be logo. Microsoft officials denied Gates was simply lashing out in anger because he got less screen time than Steve Jobs in the TNT movie, Pirates of Silicon Valley.


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